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Everyone experiences seasons in their lives: Summers and winters. Easy times and hard times. Highs and lows. No matter the season, one can still benefit from personal growth. Also, even in the best of times there’s still always progress to make in life, and always ways to become happier. With that said, usually when people reach out to a counselor, it’s because they are in a “winter” (or at least an “autumn”) season, and are looking to find a way back to happier, easier times.

At Thriveworks Counseling, our counselors are licensed, caring, and well respected professionals in the field. Our clinicians have been featured in publications including: The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Wicked Local, ABC and NBC news, Counseling Today, The Psychiatric Times, The Monitor, AJC (Atlanta-Journal Constitution), Prevention, CNN, and more.

Our therapists are experienced to help you in a number of areas, including but not limited to:

Premium Counseling in Westborough

What does it mean to have “premium” counseling? Does it mean working with an excellent, caring, licensed counselor or psychologist? Yes it does.

But it also means more than that. For example, Thriveworks clients receive the email address and phone number of their counselor, and can call him/her even if they don’t have a scheduled appointment (it also means that there’s a mental health professional on call 24/7/365).

It means that your session will start on time—or early. And it means one more thing ...

Sessions within 24 Hours

If you’re ready to begin a counseling relationship at Thriveworks Westborough, then we’re ready to make sure you’re not stuck on a waiting list. In fact, we’re going to make sure that you get an appointment right away — within 24 hours of your call to our office.

If you live in Westborough — or anywhere in the MetroWest, MA, area — then we want to help you find the care, help, information, or motivation you’re seeking. Let’s get started. Call us, and let’s schedule your first session — 774-377-4939.



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